Demo Reel

After graduating from Dartmouth College with a degree in Theater and Film Studies, Johanna spent a decade acting in Los Angeles, where she played a main character in Project Greenlight's Feast trilogy from Dimension Films.

Most recently, she can be seen as a lead in the indie coming-of-age drama July Rising, which enjoyed a long festival run and won the audience award at Sonoma Int’l Film Fest, now streaming on Amazon Prime.

An indie arthouse nerd beyond, Johanna returned to the east coast to create her own work of independent vision and artistic storytelling.


Upcoming Projects

Shudderbugs is Johanna's first full creation as lead actor, writer, producer and first-time director. The feature film was created and captured in upstate NY, deep in the pandemic, and is now in post-production.


Johanna plays a lead role in Pressed, a short film based on a true story, now in post-production.

In the wake of a deadly shooting, a journalist reevaluates her role in other people’s stories.